Our Story

A new form of advertising

Our adventure began in 1997 when an American idea, the taxi “fin”, known through movies, was borrowed from the big screen and adapted to the reality of our country. The conception, implementation and patenting of this project are the three moments with which we begin to dictate the new rules of an innovative way of advertising. Our desire to communicate in an innovative way immediately pushes us to expand our vision to the OOH world (Out of Home Advertising). In just over 20 years we have thus become one of the most renowned advertising companies nationwide.

Thanks to our experience and professionalism Real Media has managed to carve out a prominent space in a competitive sector such as that of advertising. Our flagship are the permanent installations of billboard advertising, but we are already looking to the future. In fact, where many see a crisis, we see an opportunity: in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, we decide to continue investing, focusing even more on innovation and development with the DOOH (Digital Out of Home Advertising). Our biography ends here, but only because we are already writing the next chapters, driven by the desire to go where other media cannot.

In a world that evolve

advertising is also evolving

Advertising cannot afford the luxury of stopping. In today’s world, the fuel of the resources is the consumer’s attention and advertising constantly develops new strategies to attract and surprise it, so as to be truly engaging and exciting. It is imperative to anticipate expectations and exceed them in a path of constant evolution. Today these new media are LED or 3D graphics that create optical effects capable of interacting with the environment, giving the impression of emerging from the screen and upsetting reality. Tomorrow? It is not known, but we at Real Media will always be at the forefront to promote the vision of an advertising that does not stop evolving.


Maxi Billboard in Piazza del Duomo, Florence

Passing by the historic center of Florence, between San Giovanni Square and via dei Calzaiuoli, right in front of the Baptistery and the Florence Cathedral, it is possible to see one of our maxi billboards, located right at the point of greatest concentration of the city’s tourist flow. That scaffolding, however, hides much more than just a “simple” advertisement.

For years Real Media has been committed to supporting and promoting initiatives aimed at protecting the Italian artistic heritage in order to preserve beauty in a responsible way. Where you see the advertisement, there is therefore a much broader restoration project involving three buildings that differ both in terms of age and architectural style:

The restoration interventions of the numerous frescoes and marbles present on the facade, currently in progress, foresee the pre-consolidation of the color, the dusting, the extraction of salts, the mechanical removal of the old grouting or of portions of unsuitable plaster and the eventual pictorial integration through reconstruction of the areas with pictures and geometric motifs currently not legible.

Lastly, as a further initiative for the city, free guided tours are currently organized, in accordance with the pandemic condition. These are held in collaboration with an art historian, as a guide, so as to offer interested parties a close perception of the ongoing restoration operations.

Now that you know everything behind it, will you watch that advertisement in Piazza del Duomo as before?

piazza duomo Maxi Affissione
Maxi Affissione Piazza Duomo Firenze

Web Agency

In 2020, in full pandemic, we decided to integrate digital marketing into our offer, to provide customers with an even more complete service, and thus we created OneCip. There, Real Media’s twenty years of experience in outdoor marketing combines with the enthusiasm and dynamism of digital communication practitioner to create something that is much more than a web marketing agency.

OneCip is a creativity and communication laboratory where we help any business to fully realize its potential by constantly developing and researching new strategies that transcend the boundaries of traditional advertising to explore all the possibilities offered by the web.

Yesterday’s answers cannot be used for today’s requests. We must always know how to look into tomorrow.