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What We Do

We advertise at 360°. Everyone says it, but we do it for real. And before the others. We were pioneers in Italy of the “fin” methodology and we designed advertising stickers for car doors so that it was your message that sought people’s eyes and no longer the other way around.

We were the first to install medium format systems in Florence and Milan and it was the opening of the office in Milan that marked the beginning of an expansion that has not yet stopped and that sees us as protagonists in all the major Italian cities. We can also offer you digital content: Onecip Web Agency, a spin-off of Real Media, completes the range of our services to offer you all the advantages of the web.


We are a company in constant evolution, a reality that runs fast in the present to anticipate the future. We were born with the desire to create and to get noticed for our originality, for our passion, for our professonalism.

After more than 20 years of experience we can offer you the maturity of someone who deeply knows the reference market, but we also still have the dreamy and enthusiastic eyes of those who have just started their first journey. We have big dreams, but we like to touch them and see them come true. This has been the case so far. And we’re not going to stop now.


We have many new goals every day, but our priority remains you. Your satisfaction and your success are the reasons that drive us to improve every day. It was like this yesterday, it is like this today, it will be like this tomorrow.