Urban Analytics for your
Outdoor Campaigns

Aggregate and readable data of your audience

How many people have seen your ad? How old are they? How did they react? How many times have you heard that outdoor advertising does not allow you to get the answer to these questions while digital advertising does? Knowing your audience is important, it allows you to exploit the potential of programmatic advertising and measure your investments.

All of this was true until recently. Now new technologies allow us to bring the digital metrics into the real world to help you make the best decisions for your business. Thanks to the Blimp technology we can detect the flow of people of the cities in real time to generate profiled data on your audience. All in total security and 100% privacy compliant.

Urban Analytics use the Blimp Head-Counter, a latest generation visual sensor equipped with an Artificial Intelligence system.

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blimp in azione

In practice, Blimp technologies allow the following data to be recorded in real time:

Does the use of Urban Analytics violate people’s privacy?

A legitimate doubt, but in reality the answer is no. The Blimp Head-Counter sensors monitor flows of people from which general and statistical data are deduced. They do not identify individuals. All this in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.

The photographs taken during this service live only and exclusively on the volatile memory of the device for a few seconds, the time necessary for the algorithm to extrapolate, in a completely anonymous form, the statistical data mentioned above. After this period, the images are permanently deleted.

More information available here.


The real-time data collected by Blimp technologies allow you to improve the use of your advertising spaces, increasing the efficiency of your campaigns. This is called Programmatic Advertising and allows you to:

– modify and update your OOH and DOOH advertising based on the results obtained on the audience. In this way you will always be able to attract new customers with innovative performance-based offers.

– create an interactive DOOH creativity that changes according to who passes in front of your advertising space. All this in real time!

What are you waiting for to move towards the future?